Matilda, miami dog walker

A Kind Endorsement From One Of Our First Clients

Mathew and Matilda
Mathew and Matilda

Hi Folks! We just received an amazing endorsement from a long-time K9Co client. Although we try to stay humble over such matters, Mathew encouraged us to spread the word so, as he puts it, “more dogs and cats and have that extra person looking out for them”. Thanks so much Mathew!

 The Canine Company Of Miami is and will always be my immediate go-to pet service for my dogs and cats. I’ve worked within the pet industry for years and I’ve witnessed so many people putting quick profit before genuine care. 
Not Julie and Andrew.
They study and understand canine behavior, nutrition and communication. They observe their individual spirits, lives and personalities to the extent that people mostly do only for each other. This is precisely what I expect from anyone who is offering to care for my little family.
My dog Matilda literally jumps out of her skin at the sight of Julie and Andrew. Even though I work from home, I hired K9Co to add an extra part to Matilda’s life. I chose a small company to avoid getting a different dog walker every other visit. Julie and Andrew are true friends to my dog and every weekday afternoon she begins peering out the window in anticipation for their arrival.
Hiring the Canine Company of Miami is the best decision I ever made for my dog!
Mathew, Upper East Side Miami

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