Julie Bertram, owner and operator of The Canine Company

I began the Canine Company after a life-long reputation as the neighborhood “Go-To” girl for any pet-related inquiry.

Over the past few years, I’ve focused all my efforts on exploring different professional environments within the pet industry and culture. This has included no-kill shelters, years of retail experience in holistic animal nutrition as well as professional dog grooming and basic obedience training.

At its very begining, I decided to build The Canine Company on the values of Friendship, Safety and Simplicity.

• A daily dose of fun interaction with a “human friend” will greatly enrich your dog’s life.We see it every time we open the door to a client bursting with excitement.

• When it comes to the safety of dogs and cats, problems are avoided by staying informed and prepared. Managing to stay one step ahead of any dog or cat is a skill acquired only through experience. All of us at The Canine Company have consistent, life-long experiences with both dogs and cats.

• Any pet care company takes on a huge responsibility with every single client. Keeping K9CO small allows us to stay simple. We’re always focused on our company’s greatest asset – your beloved animals.

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