Dog Walks

Single Appointments
$17/per 30 minutes
add $3/per additional dog

Buy 9, Get 1 Free!
$153/1 dog (10 walks)
$180/2 dogs (10 walks)

• Dogs are walked around your neighborhood for 30 minutes.
• Any training will be reinforced.
• I provide ample water, fresh air, and great companionship.
• Because safety is always my first priority, walks do not exceed 2 dogs at a time.

You supply the leash, I’ll supply the poop bags!

Free At-Home Consultation

It would be a pleasure to meet you and your pets together!

I’d like to get a sense of your animals’ personalities while we cover all the formalities and agreements. This will also give you a chance to show me where you keep the leash, food, etc.

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