“Julie and William  are the only people in the world I’d trust to take care of my pets while I am away! I have two dogs, three cats, and a bird that they take care of for me when I have to leave town for business (several times a year). Their prices are very fair and affordable compared to boarding, and the best part is my pets get to stay in their own home where they are comfortable! When I arrive home everyone is relaxed, dogs have been exercised, cats have plenty of food and water, and the bird’s cage is always impeccably clean. They are very reliable and I love that they send me pictures and text me every time they stop by to care for the animals. You will not find better pet sitters in Miami!”

– Karen L., El Portal, Miami


“When I moved from a large house with a yard to an apartment in a high rise, my chocolate lab Gunner started showing some behavior problems and became quite an anxious dog. I work long hours and he wasn’t content with the two walks I was able to give him in the morning and at night, so I started searching for a dog walker. Julie was highly recommended by some employees at a local dog boutique so I gave her a call and she was even able to come the same day for a consultation. She has been walking Gunner four days a week for several months now and I have seen a drastic change in his behavior, he’s not as anxious or hyper-active, he’s lost some weight and is even walking nicer on the leash for me. She also helped me switch him from a crappy store brand food to a holistic grain-free kibble which has reduced his skin allergies. Julie has been such a huge help, I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a great dog walker.”

– Patrick G., Midtown Miami


“Julie and William always come prepared with poop bags, treats, even ice water on really hot days. Morgan and Skyler just love them, and we love them too! So lucky to have found these great dog walkers, they are very kind people and true animal lovers.”

– Jennifer, Erik, Morgan & Skyler, Coral Gables, FL


“Love that K9Co not only provides timely dog walking service but also pampering pooch baths… Jack always smells soooo good after you guys groom him! Julie and William are the only ones that have been able to trim his nails – they are very patient and gentle.”

– Theresa S., Brickell, Miami